What a Handyman can do for you at home

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HandymanA handyman can be a huge help to homeowners. Handymen are often able to handle a wide range of tasks so that you can ask them for multiple items at once. You will also find that you can build trust with a handyman once you have found them. It is comforting to hear, “You know that annoying bathroom faucet of yours?” It’s acting up once more” and can be understood by someone who has the ability to fix it. Learn more about handymen, and how they can help you in your home.

Contractor vs. Handyman

Although there are some similarities between the services offered by a handyman, and those of a contractor, there will be many differences. A state-issued license is required for contractor work such as wiring an electrical system in a home. Most contractors specialize in one type of home repair and construction. Handymen are generally generalists who can perform small tasks in home improvement and maintenance. Handymen do not require a license, but it is important only to hire people who are covered for your protection. However, they may be limited by law to work on projects below a certain dollar amount. The cost to hire a handyman may be an hourly rate or per job, but it will almost always be significantly less than that of a contractor.

List of “Handy Dos”

Nearly every household has a list of chores that need to be completed. Hire a handyman in Myrtle Beach to help you if you don’t have time or the desire to do it yourself. These are just a few of the typical handyman tasks that you might consider including:

  • Cleaning up indoors and outdoors, including pressure washing or mold removal
  • Trash collection
  • Maintenance is seasonal and all year round
  • Garden and lawn care
  • Installation and repair of appliances
  • Insulation for HVAC systems
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Drywall and patching
  • Grouting and caulking
  • Hanging curtains, blinds and artwork
  • Flat pack furniture and cabinets can be assembled
  • Wainscoting, molding and other small-scale carpentry jobs are all possible.
  • For example, minor electrical work such as the installation of a ceiling fan or light fixture.
  • Bathroom fixture installation
  • Construction of hardscape features such as fences and decks
  • Other small repairs for the home

Get the most out of your Handyman’s Services

You must ensure that the handyman you hire is available, willing and able to perform the work you require. You should make the most of his time. It is important to communicate with him in advance what you want and the nature of any repairs that you require. It can save you time and money by having a written list. Handyman services are often charged by the hour. However, there is usually a minimum charge as well as a travel fee. It will cost less to pay for one call that is longer than it takes to complete two.

For larger jobs, ask for a price estimate.

Finally, read the fine print. Check the fine print to see if you need a permit for the work. Also, verify that a handyman is not required for routine maintenance tasks, such as on major kitchen appliances.

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