Handyman Services To Add To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Handyman servicesIt’s that time again — it’s time to open the windows, gets out the buckets, and do a fresh round of spring cleaning. Have you considered getting handyman services?

Many of us take part in spring cleaning every year. Many of us will clean out our bedrooms, while others will go straight to our closets to donate or sell clothes we don’t need or want. Spring cleaning has its roots in Iranian, Jewish, and Chinese springtime cleaning traditions. However, it is good for our peace of mind: spring cleaning triggers a neurological reward that makes us feel fulfilled and accomplished.

It doesn’t matter how hard we try to spring clean; the fresh air can’t be let in. Even though we pay so much attention to our homes, many people overlook important seasonal services that don’t require a mop or a broom. Many homeowners hire a handyman to inspect, clean, and repair these parts. These professionals are licensed and insured and can tackle the more complex tasks that go beyond seasonal home maintenance, cleaning, and organizing. They get to the heart and soul of what is essential for your home’s safety and health.

What handyman services are required for a thorough spring clean?

Do a deck check. Decks are not well-suited for snow, ice, and shoveling. The snow can cause beam damage and can make existing problems worse. Once the snow has melted, a licensed handyman can inspect your deck for wood rot and check for warped beams. A skilled handyman can also set up your deck furniture.

Explore the worst corners of your kitchen. Many funky smells can’t be addressed by regular floor scrubs or counter wipe-downs. The dishwasher’s filter is prone to catching wet particles, and the kitchen hood can collect grease and food particles. You need a handyman who is willing to help you clean up the mess.

Attention to your fireplace. This handyman service cleans out the fireplace of any dangerous, dirty buildup. It is a vital task that helps to prevent house fires. This cleaning can be done while you are going through all other areas of your home. You’re likely to be done with the fireplace for the season by this point, so now is the best time to clean it.

Flush the hot water tank. The buildup of calcium and lime minerals can cause your hot water tank to stop running at its peak. If it isn’t bad enough, it could even get into your sink. The best handyman will drain and fill your hot water tank until all sediment is gone.

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean donating your clothes to charity or sweeping the floor in your foyer. Spring cleaning is part of a larger plan to keep your home in tip-top shape. It’s not enough to give your home a thorough scrub. Your most valuable and vulnerable areas also need regular inspection. This is the ideal time to perform these vital handyman services in Myrtle Beach since you already have home-related business in your thoughts during spring cleaning.

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