Handyman Tips – Safety Guidelines for a Fantastic Halloween Experience

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handymanHalloween is a beloved holiday for both children and adults. Nevertheless, trick-or-treating and other typical Halloween festivities come with their own set of risks. Adhere to these precautionary measures from The Handyman to ensure your Halloween remains delightful and hazard-free!

Getting Ready for Guests

  • Confirm that outdoor lighting is functioning effectively. Change defective bulbs.
  • Clear your yard to prevent tripping hazards by removing objects like lawn decorations, bicycles, toys, and gardening tools.
  • Secure pets before children start to appear. Pets can become uneasy and pose a threat to visitors.

Costume Precautions

  • Opt for bright and reflective costumes. Alternatively, enhance visibility with reflective tape or use a reflective trick-or-treat bag.
  • Evade costumes that trail on the ground or any accessories that could lead to trips and falls.
  • Refrain from using masks as they can restrict vision or obstruct breathing.
  • Dress suitably for the weather conditions, possibly adding layers to the costume if it’s chilly.

While Trick-or-Treating

  • handymanChildren aged 12 or below should have adult supervision. Older children must travel in groups and never be alone.
  • Be clear about the trick-or-treating route your children will follow. Require them to call you if they wish to deviate from the planned path and you are not accompanying them.
  • Adhere to paths and sidewalks. When absent, walk against the traffic on the left side of the road to enhance visibility to motorists.
  • Equip each child with a flashlight to evade tripping in darkness.
  • Steer clear of unfamiliar animals, especially dogs.
  • Bypass dimly lit houses and only accept treats at the doorstep; refrain from entering a stranger’s house.

Follow these guidelines to guarantee a fun and secure Halloween for everyone!

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