Home Improvement Tips: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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home improvementSelling your home can be a big task. It might feel overwhelming to fix up and prepare your home for sale. But when you put your home on the market, the little repairs you put off can become problems for potential buyers. That’s why home improvement is essential.

What can you do? One option is to hope that you find a buyer who can see your home’s potential, not just what it looks like now. Another option is to invest some time and money in repairs that can make your home more appealing to buyers.

This option might seem complicated, but it can help you make more money. Nearly 25% of sellers who make home improvements sell their homes for more than the asking price.

You don’t need to hire a home remodeling expert for months or spend a lot of money to get your home ready to sell. Many small improvements can make a big difference on closing day. Here are five of the most popular ones.

Popular Home Improvement Ideas


Painting is a cost-effective way to improve your home and get a good return on your investment. A fresh coat of neutral paint can make your home look better and sell faster. You might want to consult a professional handyman in Myrtle Beach for color suggestions since choosing the right paint color can be tricky depending on lighting and other factors like cabinets or flooring. Gray is a popular safe choice.

Landscaping Your Yard

The first thing buyers see is the outside of your home. An overgrown or unkempt yard can turn buyers away. Remove any dead plants or overgrown areas. Make your lawn greener and lusher by re-sodding or planting grass seed. Adding some perennials or shrubs can make your home feel more welcoming.


About 26% of homeowners have replaced or repaired their flooring. It’s a good idea to have the same type of flooring in rooms that have different types to create a cohesive look. Wood or faux-wood floors are often preferred over carpeting. If you can’t afford to replace wood floors with carpet, painting them a neutral color can help.

home improvementBathroom Update

A mid-range bathroom renovation can give you a great return on investment. An outdated bathroom can make your whole house look old. Some updates that can pay off include new countertops, new tiles, and frameless glass doors for the shower. When replacing cabinets, go for a minimalistic look without fancy designs or raised panels.

Update Lighting Fixtures

Replacing lighting fixtures in your home is an affordable upgrade with a big impact. Make sure the colors match your home’s hardware when choosing ceiling fixtures and pendant lighting. It’s okay to mix metals like chrome and brushed nickel or oiled bronze and copper, but avoid mixing silver and gold tones. Older brass fixtures can make your home look dated, so if you’re replacing them, go for a modern look.

Before you rush into making cosmetic changes, consider the essential needs of your home. Are the major systems and structures in good working order? Buyers expect a home that is well-maintained, safe, and livable. If you’re thinking about remodeling the kitchen but your roof is leaking, it’s crucial to address the roof issue first.

While you’re working on your Myrtle Beach home improvement project, avoid spending money on projects that only appeal to your personal taste, like adding a water feature or koi pond in the backyard. These upgrades might not give you a good return on investment, and buyers may not share your vision.

If you need help with remodeling your home before selling it, consider consulting with professionals who specialize in home improvements. Call The Handyman now.

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