Spring Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Do

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Home maintenanceThe winter has been brutal, but spring is here and it’s now time to think about the home maintenance tasks that need to be completed. Here are five spring home maintenance tasks to complete:

Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Consider Doing

Clean and inspect the gutters.

Walk around your house and check the gutters. It is possible that the constant freezing and thawing in winter caused the gutters to come loose or break. You’ll need to repair or replace them if they’re damaged.

Set up the ladder safely, climb carefully up, and remove any debris. You can easily remove leaves, twigs, and other debris with a garden shovel if you’re sure they got in there. You can also hire an expert handyman to help you out.

Check your roof.

When you are cleaning your gutters, inspect your roof. Check for curling shingles or missing ones, as well as singles with missing granules. You may need to replace or repair your roof if you notice this. Make sure that the flashing around your chimney or other vents are not damaged or falling off the roof.

Check the roof decking and beams in your attic for any water stains if you suspect that you have a leaking roof. If you want to check for rot, stick the end of a screwdriver or pencil into the beams. You’ll have to repair it if it feels soft.

Seal and inspect your windows.

Check your windows both inside and outside to ensure that the weather stripping and caulking are not damaged or cracked. Scrape off any caulking that is peeling or has broken. Install new caulking in order to stop air from leaking. You may have an air or water leak through your window. This could compromise the energy efficiency of your home. Caulk your windows.

Decks can be cleaned, repaired, and stained.

You’ll spend more time on your deck once spring arrives! After the snow has melted, clean your deck with a pressure washer. Check for any damaged or rotten boards, and replace them. You might have to paint or stain your deck depending on how long it’s been since you last did this.

Spruce up your landscaping.

This spring, add some new landscaping features to your outdoor space. You can install retaining walls, paths, new flower beds, and a place to relax around a fire. The Handyman also offers landscaping services.

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