Summer Handyman Projects

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summer handyman jobsThe summer is a time to relax in the sun, spend long weekends with family and friends. Many home renovation projects are also expected to take place during the summer. Give your To Do List over to a professional handyman so you can spend more time relaxing this summer.

Important jobs that a handyman will do during summer.

1. Deck and Patio Repairs

You’re likely to spend a lot of summer time on your deck or patio if you own one. All summer, our decks and patios will be filled with family and friends enjoying meals and laughter. Decks are used so often that they need to be maintained and kept in good condition. The wood may become warped, rotted or pop up nails. Handrails and handrails could also become loose. A handyman can inspect your deck and do any minor repairs.

2. Cleaning Your Home with Power Washing

Maintaining the cleanliness of your house’s exterior is a small but important task. You can ensure that your home looks spotless the next time friends and family come over by hiring a handyman. A handyman can power wash your entire exterior, from your house’s sides to your deck and driveway. Enjoy a power wash this summer to remove any dirt or debris left over from Winter or Spring.

3. Window Cleaning

Every year, our windows are put through a lot. Snow and rainstorms can cause a lot of grime to build up on windows. Have a handyman give your windows some attention to make your home feel clean and fresh.

4. Caulking and Weather stripping

window weatherstrippingYou could also ask a handyman to check your windows for any cracks or crevices that air might be able to slip through. Caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows will help keep cool air inside and hot air outside. This small task will save you money on energy bills in the event of a leak. This service can be performed by a handyman in your home.

5. Paint and Staining

Any handyman can tackle small painting and staining jobs. These projects aren’t difficult, but they do take a lot of time. Hire a handyman if you have been meaning to stain your garden shed the last 3 summers. Hire a handyman to paint and stain your walls, whether they are on the outside or interior of your house, your porch, deck, garage, or shed. You will be happy you spent the money to save time.

6. Update or install doorbells and locks

The summer is the perfect time for burglars. Your home will be left unattended while you are away on a well-deserved vacation. Before you go on vacation, update your doorbells and/or locks to ensure that nothing goes wrong. These days, there are many smart locks and doorbells that allow you to keep track of your home while you’re away. Hire a handyman if you’ve bought a smart lock or video doorbell. This will allow you to worry less while you are away.

7. Hanging Projects

Are your pictures leaning on walls and precariously positioned? Mirror pushed in the corner because you haven’t had time to hang it? You don’t need to leave pictures, shelves, and mirrors on the floor forever. You can have a handyman come and install all those things that you’ve been wanting to hang. Imagine how much better it will look when you hang the last few pieces on your walls.

8. Backsplash Update

It might seem odd to include this project on the list, but it is a simple task that has a huge impact. It’s the perfect project to take on this summer. It will make your kitchen easier to clean and add some personality. Consider changing the backsplash of your kitchen with colorful tiles or a pattern that is fun for summer. You can also have your handyman paint your cabinets to give your kitchen a quick, easy makeover.

Spend less time on your home this summer and more time enjoying it. If you want to take on any of these projects this summer, contact The Handyman.

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