Top Requested Handyman Services

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Handymen are known for their versatility and ability to tackle a wide range of tasks. While some may specialize in specific fields, most serve as jacks of all trades, ready to take on various jobs. So, what are the most commonly requested handyman services, and what skills does a handyman need to excel in these areas?

The essential tasks that homeowners often seek assistance with.

drywall installationDrywall Installation:
Drywall serves not only as insulation but also enhances fire resistance in your home. However, many people have neglected to upgrade their drywall for years, leading to potential issues. Consequently, drywall installation is a frequently requested handyman service. There is a high demand for skilled professionals specializing in drywall installation.

Repairing Damaged Gutters:
Cleaning and repairing gutters may not seem like a significant concern until you find yourself perched on a wobbly ladder, thirty feet above the ground. Many individuals have a fear of heights and prefer not to risk their safety or rely on their others ladder-holding skills. Here, handymen come to the rescue. With their experience and comfort on ladders, they can not only clean gutters but also inspect roofs, identify damaged gutters, and fix roof issues.

Replace Fixtures:
As time passes, fixtures in your home may wear down or fall out of style. Cabinets, lighting fixtures, and kitchen faucets are some of the elements that often require replacing or updating. Fortunately, most fixture replacement jobs do not necessitate a license, making them ideal tasks for experienced handymen. While some may attempt these projects as DIY endeavors, hiring an expert ensures the job is done right.

handyman paintingPatching and painting is a common request when it comes to handyman services. Furniture scraping against walls or roughhousing kids causing holes in drywall are familiar scenarios. While many people can handle painting, only a few possess the skills to replace a small section of drywall. Patching, spackling, sanding, and painting require attention to detail. A handyman can restore your wall to its pristine state, making it look brand new.

Tile Installation:
Tile installation is not just a skill; it’s an art. Anyone who has seen a poorly executed tile installation understands this well. While it may seem straightforward to lay tiles by applying adhesive and smoothing it out, there are numerous intricacies involved. Laying a tile floor or installing a backsplash requires experience and the proper tools. A professional handyman ensures that the end result exceeds your expectations, giving your space a touch of home improvement show finesse.

Deck Repair:
If you’re considering adding a patio or deck to your home, repairing or installing one is no small feat, even for those who possess some handy skills. Crafting a deck requires a level of expertise that most individuals lack. Fortunately, a skilled handyman can simplify a complicated deck project, especially if they have a crew to assist them. Sit back, relax, and let them work while you start planning your first gathering in your new outdoor space.

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